Lori Knight is a mixed-media artist whose work incorporates vintage photos, treasures found, mixed papers, acrylics, oil pastels, and more to convey a variety of nostalgic stories. Her artwork began as a form of self-expression and family research as she tried to preserve her mother’s wild memories and stories about family, and the quirky, humorous nature of the work is often a direct reaction to those stories. While family, historical references, relics, and ideas from the past remain her primary topics for inspiration, Lori Knight’s art also features non-fiction ideas, double meanings, and funny anecdotes — all with an ephemeral, heirloom, and nostalgic twist. 

With a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Washington (“with distinction" and with an emphasis in Physical Anthropology), Lori has always been fascinated by the history and cultures of people, as well as how people choose to see the world. Her collection of artwork is no different, as it tells her visual story of people — both past and present. She loves complex layers that are past and present, including how they are linked and overlap. Hence the creation of Lori Knight Studio in 2012 — a collection of personal artwork and custom framing. While Lori Knight Studio is not a physical studio location, her upcycled, mixed-media artwork can be found in various locations throughout Snohomish County and the Puget Sound area of Washington State.

Along with creating her own artwork, Lori Knight, along with her husband Eric, is a co-owner of Knight Visions Studio Gallery. They currently focus their efforts on custom framing, but they have been selling, promoting, marketing, and framing art in the South Snohomish County area since 1987. Custom framing consultations are by appointment only. More information on custom framing can be found here. 

To purchase or inquire about original artwork, mixed-media originals, limited edition prints, or cards from Lori Knight Studio, please contact Lori Knight. Consignment or wholesale purchase options are also available for retailers.